Her Biggest Yet! Largemouth Bass - 3 lbs 4 oz - Mud Lake

Princess Luna

For about the past year or so, my oldest daughter has been asking me to take her night fishing. She had asked me one time, what my favorite kind of fishing was and I simply told her - night fishing. When she asked why, I explained to her that it's more peaceful, less people to spook the fish, and it enhances the fishing instinct along with the senses. She was enamored and has been asking me to take her ever since.

So, earlier this week, she ventured out with us on an evening excursion. I was with my pops, my son and her. My boy said, "you didn't let me go night fishing until I was 7!" I also didn't have my dad and you didn't have an experienced older brother with us at that time. Was just me and you and your year older brother. Was a little more taxing. The fishing itself, was fun. I caught a slew, my boy caught some and pops caught a few. Luna, almost caught one. After 3 hours, she was ready to go home.

Just The 2 of Us

By choice (or maybe pretty little princess coercion), two nights ago, I took just her with me. Pops was run down with his old guy back problems and new medication tiredness and my son, he was in to some game on the XBOX. We fended off the rain and set out. She was super excited. One thing I noticed about a little girl vs a little boy is the little girl (my princesses) want to hold your hand, even while driving. Sweet, but I'm not accustomed to it - yet.

Look at that smile!

Ah, there is her catch. After she had asked if we were going to the rocks, where she likes to sit, and we finally made it there, we set to the fishing. Was quite the struggle as she had just caught one about ten minutes prior that was a good fight. Much smaller, but still, she had the adrenaline pumping. This one was all over the place and wound up in a bush a foot from shore. I reached out and grabbed the line in hopes it would swim out a bit and it did! She managed to pull it up and has been bragging about it for the past 2 days. Happy dad moments, I tell ya.

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