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10.2 lbs Largemouth Bass - Private Pond

Learning as I type, but why am i here? I'm not going to lie, I tried to join before to help support the poker players I know and I just dropped the ball. Then another friend was all, hey Witty, let's do Scorum. I said ok. Thing is, I don't do much in the way of sports. At least not your conventional ones. Then I remembered:

Poker technically is a sport, and fishing totally is! So, Who am I? I'm that fisherman that secretly had a dream to be sponsored by Bass Pro Shops or Cabella's or YUM and never really got around to it because I became a dad instead. 6 times over and back around the block again even.

That being said, I am a parent. A proud and not-so-proud one (at times). But hey, live and learn and take what you can get and all that jazz, right? That is the majority of what I will be posting here. No, not my kids, you can go over to STEEM for that. I'll be putting up pictures of my fishies over here. I am a witness over there on STEEM too, if anyone feels randy is over there and wants to help support my witness, feel free.

Here Fishy Fishy

I love to fish. To me, there isn't much better out there than finding the patience and time to do it in its full beauty. I mean, it's a family tradition. I taught my older sons and they (on a rare occasion) can out-fish me now. My daughters are picking up the reigns too as seen in this picture of my oldest's first bass at not even 2 years old.

Luna's first fish - a 1 lb Largemouth Bass - Cane Creek Park

All three of my little princesses are just about able bodies now, my youngest still has a little trouble reeling and my middle one could use plenty more practice casting, but they are coming along nicely in my opinion. What's the phrase? "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. teach a man to fish, feed for a lifetime."? I taught my men already. Now I'm teaching my little ladies.

I hope you enjoy my posts as they come and I can't promise any kind of consistency as I am heavily dedicated to STEEM. But do come check on me periodically. I promise, there will be fish, oh yes, there will be - FISH.

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