Due to the negative experience I have with water it has built up a big phobia for water (Aqua phobia) in me that I transferred that fear to anything related to water that It often make my blood run cold even when I take my bath. I could barely look at a swimming pool talk more of a large water body the fear and anxiety gives me goosebumps.

Even my own sweating triggers me, that was how freaky I was with water but it was one element that any human being is inevitable from using , if you won’t touch it, bathe with it you sure will definitely drink it except you don’t want to live healthy.

But unfortunately for me, my best friend who is more or less like a brother to me happens to be an Aquaphile, he grew up near the river side and you can tell where he grew his love for water from. Me and My friend “Kanye” grew up in Oklahoma but while I stayed far from the rivers and lake, Kanye and his parents stayed in Okmulgee where the Okmulgee lake is located.

My friendship with Kanye grew very strong that both of our families are also best of friends, “that was why I said earlier that we were like brothers”. Our friendship began from the early stages of our high school days, we just graduated and we are waiting for our admission letters from Harvard University, I choose Mechanical Engineering while Kanye opted for Civil Engineering.

My 18 years’ birthday will be on Friday and I was very excited about it for so many reasons, one was I will soon be going to college and the most important was that Dad had promised to get me my personal car on my 18th birthday. So I was anticipating that very day like my life dependent on it.

So on Tuesday Dad was the one that came to my room to remind me of my 18th birthday, “Son I hope you remember what on Friday is”

Me; MY birthday…. “I replied not so sure If that was the reason he asked”

Dad; yes, my son and on that day you will have to overcome your fears to earn the big prize meanwhile your birthday will be celebrated at your friend’s place so get ready on Friday “then he walked out of the room”

I couldn’t say a word as he left him in a state of dilemma, I tried to solve the puzzle of what it meant by those words but I was unable to, so I let it be. it could be words of motivation “so I thought”

Later that same day I received a call from Kanye and after exchanging pleasantries and asked about the welfare of our families he then said to me that my Dad called his parent and suggested that I will be having my birthday celebrated at their place.

Me; he told me that this morning as well “I replied”

Kanye; will be happy to see you. “We ended the call after so many other talks.”

Meet my fears

I woke around 4am on Friday morning because I couldn’t gather much sleep as I have been twisting and turning on the bed to catch a good sleep but it was not coming so I gave up and stood up, grab my phone and went straight to my Facebook book page and as expected the birthday wishes have been trooping in so I sat down on my bed reading them with keen interest while putting on a smiling face. One hour later my phone rang and it was Kanye calling and you could have predicted what it was calling for at that time “he said his wishes to me and also said he was waiting for me that he already planned on what we were going to do when I come over”.

When it was dawn I quickly finished up my chores so me and my folks will hit the road as soon as possible “I wouldn’t want anything to delay our trip to my buddy’s house”.

At about 10am we were all set out to Kanye’s place and within an hour time we arrived at his house, dad had everything planned out with Kanye’s parents because I was surprised at the food and drinks at the dining table when I went inside the house, the whole sitting room was looking colorful and I was already seeing signs of a beautiful birthday celebration.

Little did I know that it wasn’t going the end just inside the sitting room, about 3pm Kanye’s father took some bags to his truck outside then came back in and said to us is time to go to the water side. Did I just hear him say “WATERSIDE” my heart skipped and my blood began to beat very fast like someone who just finished running a marathon but I couldn’t just say “No” I joined Dad and others as we walked to the truck, I entered slowly before we drove for about 30 minutes to the Okmulgee Lake.

When we got there, we set our camp few yards away from the bank and I was trying so hard not to look towards the lake to avoid me getting freaked out so I always looking away and backed the lake often. Some minutes later Kanye said “hey buddy remember when I told you on phone I already have what we were going to do planned out”

Me; yes “I replied”

Things I never knew

●Dad knew very much of my phobia and he was determined to help me overcome it

●Dad had already made plans that my birthday will be celebrated at Kanye’s place because of the Lake close by

●Dad already made plans with Kanye and his parents about taking me to the lake

●Dad will use the car as a bait to lure me into the waters.

Kanye; we are going fishing “he said” as he stood up and walked towards the water bank and pushing the boat just by the lake into the river he went inside the boat and made a gesture towards me to signal that “you can now come”

“Hell NO” I am not going an inch close to the water, just then my folks and Kanye’s parents began to encourage me with some motivational words all in bid to make me go meet Kanye and set out for the fishing but all to no avail.

Just then Dad stood up picked up the hook and forced them into my hands and said “you will have to overcome your fears to earn the big prize” it was like a dejavu, I knew I have heard that word before and immediately my mind flashed backed to the day Dad came to my room.

Dad; “he continued” my son your admission letter was among the mails I received this morning, you will be going to Harvard and like I promised I was going to get your own car which I already did “he brought out a car key from his pocket and showed it to me” but you have to earn it by overcoming this phobia of yours, that is the only way you will get the car.

I almost felt betrayed and I slowly cried inside as the thought of failing to go into the water and losing out on the opportunity of getting my own car. I thought of these for about ten minutes before finally summoned the courage to go inside the water.

I nodded my head as a sign of encouragement and bravely and faced the water. My eyes were half close as I got closer when I got to the bank of the lake I paused and this time it was Kanye’s turn to boost my morale.

Kanye; C’mon buddy you can do this “he said it for like three times”

It was like the whole burden of the entire people in the world was on my chest because it was heavy and at same time I could barely breathe. Minutes later I picked up courage and went into the water I let out a loud scream immediately my foot touched the water and I quickly got into the boat.

I dropped the hook father gave me inside the boat and gripped the side of boat very tightly, closed my eyes as I shivered like a man who was left naked on the snow. Kanye paddled us inside the water, He touched my shoulders to open my eyes some moments later, when I did I saw we were far into the lake.

Surprisingly when I opened my eyes I became relaxed and it was as if I never had the phobia of water in me, I smiled at Kanye before giving him a high five.

Me; time to fish buddy “I said”

Kanye was looking around for something but I didn’t have an ideal of what he was looking for, he then asked me “Where is the fishing bait”? oops I didn’t come with that, because my Dad just handed only the hook before I entered the boat.

So we headed back to where our folks were, they were surprise and same time happy to me sitting comfortably on the boat as we paddled close to them. When we set at the bank I came down went straight to my dad he hugged me and immediately gave me my car keys.

○Mission accomplish for me, I got my car
○Mission accomplish for Dad, as he helped me overcome my fears
○Failed Mission for Kanye as we couldn’t catch any fish

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