For some people, fishing is a boring activity, even for lazy people. But there are also many people who make it a hobby. Hobby fans are even willing to spend a lot of money and sit for hours in fishing waiting for their bait to be struck by fish.

My results for Fishing

Although the catches obtained may not be more than the costs incurred. Many anglers are even able to spend hundreds of thousands or even millions of rupiah just to buy fishing equipment.

This is me

When compared with the catch, it will certainly be a long way off. Even in one fishing trip, it also requires not a small amount of money.

My friend is having a fish strike

Although called a hobby that is quite different from others, apparently fishing also has benefits for the health of the body. Activities that are often done by men are also called to make someone happier and calmer in his mind.

Here are the benefits of fishing:

1.Palepas Stress

According to anglers, the activity of throwing hooks, waiting for fish, and attracting hooks is an activity that can relieve stress. Only by doing activities that reduce pressure, you can create feelings of pleasure.

Especially if you get a strike when fishing for big fish. Feelings of pleasure, pride, and others immediately mixed up at one time.

2. Maintain Physical Fitness

In addition to fishing ponds, other fishing spots in the interior usually require extra energy to get there. For example by rowing a boat, cycling, climbing a hill, walking and more. These are all activities that can improve one's physical fitness.

3. Fun Hobbies

Fishing is also a fun hobby. By fishing, one can get interesting experiences and extraordinary sensations when successfully getting a catch with his fishing rod. Fishing locations that have beautiful natural beauty are also a place for holidays and tours for families.

4. Train Patience

Fishing can also have the effect of being patient in trying to achieve something. This is seen in fishing moments, takes not a little time, and even for hours waiting for bait to be eaten by fish.

Many times also try to catch fish that will eat bait. An effort that turns out to train patience is good for you.

5. Improve Concentration Ability

Fishing can also improve one's ability in concentration. This is seen in moments where you have to continue to concentrate, and continue to focus on your fishing rod since the hook is released even when the hook is struck by a fish.

In fighting with fish also requires high concentration until the fish give up. You even have to be smart to apply various fishing techniques to get lots of catches.

6. Expanding association

Not only good for body health, hobbies in fishing also bring a lot of friends and expand relationships, of course also increase insight. Ordinary anglers exchange ideas and information about this popular hobby. In fact, from this hobby, friendship and even family relationships can be created to become a business relationship.

7. Psychological Therapy

This fishing activity is even used as a therapy to improve mental health. At the Greater Glasgow Mental Hospital and Clyde Mental Hospital is a mental hospital in Scotland that uses fishing therapy to improve the mental health of its patients.

After knowing the benefits of fishing. Are you interested in this hobby? Or even you are struggling with it? Continue to explore Indonesia's natural wealth by fishing in remote areas.