It's an art. Here are all the little things. Otherwise you will not see the result of fishing.

I'll try to describe some of the nuances


By this we mean primarily temperature and water and air

Fish is primarily a cold-blooded animal. And is very sensitive to the parameters of temperature.

The fish pecks at certain temperature ranges and each fish has its own.

If it's cold, the fish just stops pecking.

If there is a decrease in temperature after a strong heat, this period is favorable for fishing.

If on the contrary, there is a sharp increase in temperature, the fish will not bite.

It is necessary to know the optimal temperature range for each fish species.

The air temperature has a noticeable effect on the water temperature, but not always.

Water level

Since childhood, we know the saying - a person is looking for where better, and the fish is looking for where deeper

Depth provides a shelter where the fish feels safe.

Where there are constant fluctuations in water, it is very bad conditions for fish. She constantly has to change her location. It not until food

Water color

Muddy water adversely affects fishing. the fish does not notice the bait.

Ideally, when the water is a little muddy, and the fish does not see what is happening to the other surface of the water

Clean water is also good if the fisherman is carefully disguised

And remember - in muddy waters live only cross-eyed devils :)

Air pressure

almost many freshwater fish have a swimming bubble, which is a very sensitive device, even more sensitive than modern barometers

When a sudden pressure drop of the catch is very bad.

The best catch with a slow increase in pressure, combined with good weather

External environment

Fish do not like the bright sun, so it is recommended to catch in partial shade, under the canopy of trees.

And early in the morning or evening.

Does not like bright sun Shine, and the reflection from the sun. And who loves them

Fish do not like the weather before the rain, when low clouds are approaching. Catch useless in this period

But under warmer, direct rain can be done a good catch.

In the cold rain, you can safely stay at home.

Experienced fishermen believe that it is best to catch in the new moon.

Good bite :)