I continue to speak for fishing. Various fish are caught in Odessa. There is also a poisonous one that you can eat. Is it strange? May be! But let's start in order.

Dangerous catch of Odessa fishermen

There are two types of fish that are considered dangerous. These are: Dragon and Scorpion fish. But the degree of danger is not the same. Is it possible to catch such fish, fry it and eat it?


Experienced Odessa fishermen believe that Scorpena is very dangerous. Experienced fishermen say that the spines of the fish contain a potent poison. It is very dangerous to human health. We simply say: "You can throw your flippers away from him."

Other fishermen say that the fish is very creepy. It looks more like a stone. Has a red color. Although, when it falls into a bucket or cage, it becomes grayish brown.

In fact, the injection is not fatal. It is very painful. Roar may be numb to the elbow. The body temperature rises instantly. She lasts a couple of days. Then everything falls into place. Experienced people argue that Scorpena has begun to be caught much more often than before. But not everyone throws it out. Most fishermen send their fish to the cage. It is very tasty and can delight any fish gourmet.


This is a special fish. She terrifies many. Some old-timers, experienced fishermen do not even want to touch it with their hands. If the dragon gets on the hook, they immediately cut the fishing line and let the Dragon go about its business.

If you prick on his thorns, then the poison quickly spreads throughout the body, can lead to convulsions.

Although, this fish, like any other predator, is great tasty. You just need to properly handle the dragon. In particular, trim off all spines, fins and other needles. In addition, we cut off the head. Then you can cook. The meat is firm, white. There are practically no bones in the dragon.

The danger lies not even in the fact that he is dangerous, but in the fact that the dragon is very similar to a bull. Many of him, just with the Odessa inhabitant of the Black Sea waters - a bull.

And in general, it is worth saying frankly, there are no fish in our waters that cannot be eaten. With a fishing rod and some skill, anyone can catch a good lunch. Not a single person will be hungry in Odessa. True, he ate not lazy. Don't be lazy. Laziness is the enemy of each of us.