Here we are in the fourth week of the new year, and I am proud to say that some resolutions which I kicked off this year are still going strong. I had five in total, which you can find here, but I have been only been posting about resolution number two so far. I have posted twice already about my fitness journey thus far, which can be found here and here, just in case you missed them and want to refer back.

I am hoping to post about the other resolutions too at some stage, but for now, I am going to concentrate on Resolution two, which stated "Regain My Fitness"


I have received great support since embarking on my fitness journey and I have been delighted with the support in upvotes, comments and encouraging words. Thanks a lot to you all for that.

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The idea of the posts is to be accountable someplace for my exercises and fitness exploits and hopefully in doing this I can encourage some others to do likewise. In fact, some other users here on Scorum have recently gotten back on the fitness wagon so to speak, and I'm hoping my posts may have helped them to do so. Do let me know @rezoanulvibes, @rusinho027, @raamesa, @battleaxe and @reverendrum how things are going for you all, and of course anyone else who would like to tell me. I'd be nice to hear all about it in the comments below, or better still..

@battleaxe came up with the great idea of starting a server group over on discord for all of us people looking to regain our fitness. The idea is to have a place to encourage each other and track our weekly targets, again building up the idea of accountability. For me, If I tell someone I am going to do something, I am a lot more likely to actually do it. So here is a link to this new discord server, which I invite you all to join.

Ok, so let's push on to this weeks exercises. I actually ended up having 2 rest days this week, as I was unwell one day, and I usually take Sundays off, but I'm still happy with 5 days out 7 as work out days.


Here is a quick run down of the exercises which made up week 3. Again push ups, sit ups, dumbbell lifts and jumping jacks dominate. If you do decide to join me and try to regain your own fitness, please remember to do a proper warm up, especially if it's been a long time since you exercised. There are lots of warm ups that you can find on line. Here is one that I find quite good.

If you decide to do similar exercises to what I do below, you can of course increase or decrease the numbers to suit your strength and stamina. I would advise you to take it easy the first week and don't over do it, or you'll get a tweak or little injury and that will be the end of your fitness regime quite possibly. So just remember, baby steps at first and build yourself up.

My Weights

I generally do the exercises below in sets of 2 or 3. So, I might start with 40 or 50 dumbbell curls, then 40 or 50 side lifts, then 40 or 50 inner lifts, then do 20 or 25 push ups, followed by 50 or 75 sit ups and then 100 jumping jacks. I like to do them one after the other without a break, so that it's like a little circuit. I do my exercise first thing when I get up, so I like to utilise my time as well as possible, so after taking a drink of water, I'll take 3 minutes to brush my teeth during my rest period. Then I do the 2nd reps. This time the dumbbell and push up numbers usually drop a little. Again I use my 2 or 3 minute rest time to do something else productive, and then I am ready for my 3rd and final set of reps. Then, that's me done, and I jump in the shower and I'm ready to face the day with a bounce in my step, as the endorphins which were released course around my body.

Depending on my work schedule, I also sometimes top up the push ups and jumping jacks during my lunch break at work if time and energy allows, so that is where you see days where I manage 100 push ups and above. They are not all done first thing. Often I'll do about 50 or 60 in the morning and do the rest during my lunch break at work.

For your sit ups, If you don't have an exercise mat, just throw a towel or similar onto the ground, as you will need something for your back. I don't actually have an exercise mat, so I just throw down my dressing gown and that does the trick.

My exercise mat!! :o)

Day 13

  • Rest

Day 14

  • 65 x pushups
  • 75 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)
  • 75 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)
  • 100 x sit ups
  • 100 x jumping jacks

Day 15

  • 100 x pushups
  • 105 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)
  • 105 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)
  • 150 x sit ups
  • 500 x jumping jacks

Day 16

  • 105 x pushups
  • 80 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)
  • 80 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)
  • 75 x sit ups
  • 450 x jumping jacks
  • 1 x round of golf

Day 17

  • 40 x pushups
  • 75 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)
  • 75 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)
  • 150 x sit ups
  • 200 x jumping jacks

Day 18

  • 110 x pushups
  • 110 x Dumbell curls (9Kg)
  • 110 x Dumbell side lifts (9Kg)
  • 150 x sit ups
  • 300 x jumping jacks

Day 19

  • Rest

Thanks a lot for reading.

Peace Out.