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I've been wondering if I should change content, maybe you do not like fitness so much but I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to continue because it's what I love so I'll continue.

I'm going to start doing some sort of community Q&A series.

Add all the questions and make a post once a week.

Question #1 : Does exercise lower cholesterol?

Yes! Huge resounding yes, hear what the research shows is that exercise both aerobic and anaerobic like strengh training so if cardio and strenght training both help improve cholesterol levels, in fact exercise can lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol so gives it gives you the double whammy get you some of that good HDL cholesterol lowers you LDL cholesterol and coupled with diet which is also incredibly incredibly important for changing your cholesterol levels improving those the double whammy of exercise plus diet can tottaly transform your lipid profile and get your heart a lot healthier so big thumps up absolutely yes it's a big reasion that everyone needs to be exercising

Question #2 : Should i cut all sugar?

Well it depends on how you define sugar.

I would say yes, you should cut all processed sugar meaning the added sugars that we're having in foods like sodas, chips, candies, sweet , cut those out i would caution you against cutting out all sugar because there are natural sugars found in certain foods like fruit like organic berries for example some of the healthiest foods on the planet for actually improving your cholesterol levels, your eyesight, your memory, your joints it has natural sugar in it so I would cut out all sugar that's added sugar particulary sugars and juices and snaks but the natural sugars that are found in healthy foods like fruits and veggies like that sugar that's okay to have it in your diet because that sugar exists in the in the context of victamins, minerals and fiber it exists is like the whole thing and some natural sugar is not going to hurt you so you do not have to have a super low-carb ketogenic diet to live a healthy life and to lose a lot of height.

Question #3 : What's the best way to lose fat?

Very simple, sleep and diet period. When it comes to losing fat that starts in the kitchen and it starts with the baseline that your body needs to be sleeping enough so it's not in the stressed-out state where it's gonna hold on to fat and your hormones aren't all screwed up so at the very minimum seven and a half hours of quality sleep and then once you have that in place mean plan nutrition is the foundation of it so many guys make the mistake trying to exercise off calories to think they are losing fat by going an hour of cardio, not the case. It's so much easier to not eat those 600 calories from you know a medium fry from McDonalds than it is go spend an hour of your day on treadmill slugging it away. Diet plus exercise together actually works better, but i had friends that for losing fat only sleeping and died was enough , because like i said in one of my posts. diet is 80% to be sucessed. So keep it simple, just take time to time some walks and principal, diet.


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