Gaining weight is related to caloric balance and not to a specific ingredient

A basic concept that is valid for whey or any other food is that what makes us fat (gaining fat and not gaining weight) is a positive calorie balance, that is, when we have more calories to enter in our body than to be removed. As such, an increase in fat mass can never be attributed to just one food or ingredient.

Protein has a higher thermal effect than other macronutrients

Looking at the caloric value of each macronutrient, we could then say that protein "fattens" as much as fat and carbohydrates, depending on the caloric excess that it signals.

Still, with protein, this story has different contours. First, the thermal effect of the protein is substantially greater than that of carbohydrates and fat. By thermal effect, we mean the calories expended in the digestion, absorption, transport and storage of the protein in our body.

At this level, fats have a thermal effect between 0-3%, carbohydrates between 5-10% and protein between 20-30%. This means that of the 4 kcal per gram of protein ingested, 1 kcal is practically wasted in these processes and as such a high protein intake may be less "fattening" than if it occurs at the expense of more fat or more carbohydrate carbon.


Protein should be part of our daily diet, with attention to the amounts of fat of the protein sources.

Therefore, meeting a balanced diet plan with a good total daily amount of protein and well divided by all meals is the "skeleton" in our diet to which we should not run, regardless of the goal in body composition. From here, the addition of carbohydrates and fat will have to be made according to this same goal and according to the weekly training volume.

There is no reason to be afraid of the effect of protein on fat mass, but you still have to be careful with protein sources that carry large amounts of fat and consequently calories.


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