Fifth and sixth day over. I did not post yesterday because I had a kind of an accident with my raging metabolism.

I will give you only a short insight of the fifth and sixth day to share what happened.

On the fifth day I again ate too much. Why this was happening to me? Well, everyone with overly fast metabolism will go into this condition of the elevated appetite, because in average the system wastes too much, so when you add any extra activity - yes, gobbling too much food happens. Also, losing weight is not my goal, but simply exercising to elevate my body strength.

I lost one kilo by the way and it is staying there no matter of all this food.

On the sixth day, yesterday, things started to look normal again. With one little problem. We went shopping in the afternoon, I had a light meal before it, and I ran out of energy during our little trip.

My folks had to drag me back home because I fell sick. I had a dinner, and after that I was fine.

From the report you can see that my meals are normal. I kicked out the dang waffles, mayo and any extra heavy starch, added fresh fruits, more meat and I think this combo works with my organism just fine.

This is also the last day that I am doing stretch-meditation exercises, and today everything went fine, no dizziness and extra hunger or any problems with the appetite from the morning till now.

I also managed to drive my water levels up and I feel fine.

From tomorrow I will start fitness regime with the "normal" exercises, so I will have more things to list than the previous days, when I was simply modifying my eating habits, monitoring how much I eat and drink and how to change it without brutally assault my digestion, and elevating the "mind-control" over my muscles and body.

Swapping things seems easy, but in my opinion it is better to be honest with yourself, and see how much exactly we eat in a day and with what to swap it with, without causing the unnecessary stress. With too much stress you will not do anything but torture yourself and give up on the end. This should be fun and not a jail sentence.

I believe that from now on I will not experience any glitches and I am looking forward to more fun and things to do in the fitness part.

By the way, connected with the diet and food, my kid had a medical blood exam done that measures her condition in the last 3 months and her results are outstanding. Given that she suffers an auto immune disease her diet is very important and she is only ten and growing, so it is very complicated and not so fun or easy task. Most of the kids have values much higher as it is that tricky to aim the right values. Doctor and medical staff congratulated us on the great job with it and they predict to her a very long and healthy life without any complications if we maintain in this way. I can't be happier.