I must start off by thanking @ablaze for planting the seed that grew this idea for starters. I am starting a server for Scorumites who want to keep each other motivated and find workout partners and stay on track. A lot of us made the Resolution to get fitter and stay focused on fitness and our sports lives. After reading his post and chatting in the comments it made a energy saving light bulb go off in my head. Here is his post that set the gear in motion of making this a "thing". https://scorum.com/en-us/fitness/@ablaze/join-me-in-regaining-my-fitness

Sometimes we need some other Pieces/People to help us Do better and Be Better! (Pixabay)

Part of my rather long list of resolutions was to declutter and try to avoid things that no longer served me but instead were wasting valuable time and energy. The problem is that once you stop really being invested in your own physical well-being, it can be hard to jump right back on that wagon. I am sitting here typing and staring at a brand new treadmill that is not being used. In the dining room is an antique wooden chest where I store a ton of my equipment. Having it just sit there is not serving me, perhaps I need others to help motivate and guide me and perhaps in turn, I can return the favor.


Like most of you, we are juggling so many things and getting so bombarded with all the tasks we have to complete that we lose sight of what's important. Staring at a screen all day sitting around and talking of athletics isn't doing my stress level any favors. Perhaps some of you can relate. One issue can be isolation that we find by being behind screens and not connecting at levels that we could be.

Confessing you need actual friends online to help get your "buns in gear" can be a bit of a vulnerable feeling. I confess it though that I need a nice and solid group of people who are perhaps needing the same type of connections I do. My friends are all running around like I am so I stopped bothering trying to "do lunches". Now through Scorum I am meeting like minds! Hurrah!!!

This Discord Server is open to those who want to focus on finding workout partners and listing routines and then helping one another reach our goals. If people can't follow the rules they will be kicked which also is a sport if you do it right! ;) https://discord.gg/FmJ9Cxb

The invite link will expire in one week. After that I will either refresh the link somewhere or you can express interest in the comments section. Feel free to find me on Discord and send a friend request to join as well. My Discord is battleaxe#1003... Hoping some will join in where you can come to chat and meet up and see where we can take this. Ablaze and I already pretty much agreed to bust each others chops on sticking to our routines and doing updates so I am inviting whoever is interested to join. This is not for Politics or Post Promotion but for a Scorumite Team who can help each other out. :)