I don't work out like I should. The former gym-rat has become domesticated....it happens to us womyns too. A lot of us sit and write of our athletic backrounds and such but then it's like....how can I get motivated? It can be arguable at times what we do to our bodies but the hardest thing is keeping to some sort of positive path. Now my positive path may not be remotely like yours so am guessing whatever gets you through the day and keeps you able to still peck like a trained chicken on a keyboard is a thing.

What I am getting at is asking for motivational musical help. Acknowledging my problem of lack of a proper soundtrack is a first step in the steps to wherever.

Anything for helping with Yoga focus, weight training and hiking/treadmill mileage is appreciated. The "Youtube Common License " on most things can work for leaving links to inspire me to just Jam the Frack out. Soundcloud, Napster and 8 tracks also work. The first 5 links to motivational sports training music get 2 SCR each.

Youtube, "It's like a jungle sometimes and it makes me wonder how I keep from going under" Indeed Flash, Indeed.....