Things aren't so awesome in America at the moment. Some areas are doing pretty okay and awesome and some areas are totally falling apart and my President is being spanked by Twitter because he's just so..................(no comment). The good news is that I keep getting a bit shredded by farming, sharing with others on a network of homesteading etc. and by making good use of my lil' home gym set up where I can play MK11 and keep walking. Here are a few interesting Cheerleading pictures with fun factoids to hopefully help inject a little bit of positivity in these not so super great times. :( :)

Here are three random Cheerleaders who must be in great shape and shredded to keep spirits up. Though the country is imploding because of all the greed and evil going on, here are three spreaders of mirth and happiness to make your day a little better. HALF of the payout will be split to up to ten users who leave a FULL SENTENCE comment on what you did in the last week to keep shredded, jacked or cheerful. I won't judge if you are a dude who likes to shake pom poms for stress reduction! ;) If you are on a new diet or have any cool tips to share with others on keeping spry that would be an awesome entry.

Makayla/L.A. Lakers / Although she's probably not really enjoying a ton with all the social distancing I'm sure our national treasure of Cheerleaders is keeping political partisanship out of the sport of cheer!
Hailey / Seattle SeaHawks / 180sportsblog for all cheer pics of awesomeness. She wants you to enjoy the simple joys of life and remember to be nice even during trying times!

It's spooky and odd to have had arenas turned into hospitals and empty spots usually filled with people. As a fan of WWE to see moves made with nobody there in a semblance of "normality", it's been pretty jarring to have to adapt to a "new norm" in just a couple months. Cheerleading isn't anything universe altering but as a lot of people are gaining a lot of weight with just laying around, there are some good things to be said about keeping on some type of routine to keep fit. How can we fight tyranny if we can't touch our toes? just sayin' ............... Do you have PS4 NOW? I'm now playing MK11 to exercise my fingers if you dare wanna play with me as Sindel, Kitana or Robocop!

Isabella of the New England Patriots is enjoying contemplating nature, the nature of humanity during a Pandemic and keeping a safe distance from potential "supercarriers" all while wearing her patriotic team colors! My country is making me sad at the moment.

Thanks for reading and stay safe everybody!