🏋️‍♂️Booty Day! Hello Squats And Lunges! 🏋️‍♂️

Well, Day 45 is in the books. Last week of Phase 2 yikes! Today was Booty Day! Another hard one, but I kinda like the hard work. Today was tough but fun as you will see with the pictures below. Booty Day can be very challenging, but I am pushing through! Even though some days, I am like ugh, I tell myself what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. I hope that stays true. Every booty day, I feel like I am gonna die! The squats and lunges kill me!

😅 Booty Day Means Lunge Time, Oh My!😅

Lunges are challenging! But I pushed through and I finished it which made me proud of myself. I always struggle with this move, but the moves you hate make you stronger! At least that’s what I have been told!

😠So Why Do I Hate Reverse Lunges? Am I Getting Better?😠

My least favorite move to do for booty day is reverse lunges. I have always struggled with them. So, I pushed through and got them done. I used to barely do a lunge and now my range of motion has improved! That makes me happy, not only can I do a reverse lunge but I can do it with a weight. Phase one really helped me build up my strength. Last week I struggled with this move and that did not change but I did finish it, which matters the most. That move is one I love to hate, but when I finish it I'm like, yes I did it and it’s over.

💕KB Swings The Move I Love To Do💕

One move I love in this whole routine! This routine was challenging but this move was like ‘yeah I got this’. Who doesn’t love KB swings!

😍So Why Do I Love KB Swings?😍

I would say my favorite move for Day 45 would be the KB Swings, as you see in the pictures above. Not sure why, but this is one move I can always do easily. So doing that move always makes me feel so strong. It's hard to explain, but it always gives me joy when I finish it. I think the reason I like KB Swings is it was one of the first moves I didn’t feel super challenged when I started to lift weights. I was like this is challenging but I don’t feel like I am going to die.

🤔 My Thoughts On The Bands Today🤔

As you can see in the picture above I used the heavy band and medium band. I was feeling strong today at first anyway, so I started to use the heavy band. I use the heavy band for the following moves: squat to hinge, curtsy lunge with lift, rotating back side lunge and fire hydrant.

I used the heavy bands to challenge myself, and I really felt it in the fire hydrants. That move with the heavy bands is so hard, but I’m glad I could finish it. It was really a struggle. Nonetheless, I’m glad I could at least do those moves. I can really feel improvement with the bands. Then the two pilate moves that were like some weird torture. I did try with the heavy band, but couldn't do it, so I moved to the medium band. The moves I used with the medium band are healed up press angle and single leg hamstring curl. It was very hard but I’m glad I finished it! Had to give my seconds a couple of 20-second breaks to complete it but I did it! Tomorrow will be interesting. I may be sore tomorrow( like I was last week) but was totally worth it.

😵Overall Thoughts on Day 45 Of 80 Day Obsession - Booty Day😵

It was very challenging, especially with the two rounds and the weights being 15 reps. I really felt those 2 rounds, the 15 reps really do feel like torture! That was not easy! Not only were there weights today, but bands too! Like I mentioned above, I thought I was slowly learning to love the bands until phase 2. The pilates moves, where you used the bands were quite challenging. I do feel like phase 2, is a lot harder than I thought! However, I shall not give up! What doesn’t kill me makes stronger or at least that is what they tell me!

Are you doing any workouts or doing a certain workout program?

Does it involve bands?

Does it involve weights or a mixture of both?

Are you just doing a cardio program?

Let me know in the comments!

Side Note: Pictures were made by me, taken with my cell phone, or made with the bitmoji app. Also, sorry for the lack of posts, had internet issues. Hopefully, internet doesn't give me any more probems.