A simple training session for myofascial release

In perfect condition, the connective tissues of the body stretch and move freely, without interfering with the work of the muscles but nothing is perfect. Over time, the fascia (the membrane covering the organs, vessels, nerves and forming muscle cases, become tighter and affect our mobility. Thanks to the Self massage, mobility can be restored and the quality of life improved.

We can start with warming up the feet and gently climbed higher - from the lower leg to the thigh, then to the back and to the neck.

What you need

A large soft roller for a soft impact, a stiffer short roller for a more precise impact on large fascia, a special ball for massage of trigger points, a double ball for relaxation and muscle massage. It is also sometimes used a brick for yoga to do exercises not on weight or press a massage ball to the point of impact. If you do not have rollers of varying degrees of rigidity, then you can do with one more rigid one and in order to make it softer, you just need to wrap it with a towel.

Self-massage operation

Myofascial release is both a deep massage and a workout. With myofascial release you can try to resolve the problems of chronic pain syndromes, scoliosis, arthritis or osteochondrosis, not to mention such problems as chronic fatigue, muscle hypertonus and much more. The exercises are quite easy to perform, and if the pain brings discomfort, then you can always do them not on the floor, but against the wall. One of the advantages of self-massage with the help of scooters and special balls is the simplicity because you can do the exercises yourself after just one or two sessions with a trainer. If you are engaged in self-massage, then the points that can be affected can easily be found independently: it is more painful there. They can hold the projectile longer and concentrate separately, for example, performing circular movements with the ball.

Since I am not so photogenic 🤪 I would like to share some videos where you can find useful information about this workout:

Foam rolling massage
Massage balls


Please pay attention because there are certain limitations for self-massage. Although, in principle, they are standard, as practically for any other physical activity:

  • Oncological disea
  • Anticoagulant therapy
  • Feverish conditions