Working out should not be all boring and serious. It is ok to have fun while doing, at least in order to catch your breath after some rigorous routine. Dancing during or after working out does it for me. Although i am not a very good stepper but i try to have fun with my moves regardless. I am an extremely shy person when i am in front of the camera, especially when i am not delivering a lecture or a speech. But i can proudly say that my dance moves have improved over the years because i kept at it most times during or after my work out sessions.

The video below is one of my funny moments after a long workout session. The song i was dancing to is a song by TUFACE IDIBIA a.k.a TUBABA Nigerian, one of the greatest musician to ever come out of the continent of Africa. He featured another fast rising talent from Nigeria, PERUZI. The title of the son is called "Amaka". The song was basically talking about how he, TUBABA and PERUZI were waiting for Amaka in their house but got disappointed when she didn't show up.. Amaka is a popular name amongst the Igbo tribe of the Eastern part of Nigeria.I decided to dance to this song in my SCORUM shirt because Amaka is one of the most played songs on radio and Tvs across the continent Africa presently. Moreover i am a big fan of TUFACE IDIBIA. His talent, voice, craft, music and longevity can not be matched by any other artist in this present generation, perhaps in the past too and the nearest future.

Another important thing about this video apart from my SCORUM shirt and TUFACE IDIBIA is the kind of dance i was doing. Its the presently the most popular dance step in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. It is called "SHAKU SHAKU". Another dance that is making waves here in Africa is the South African "GWARA GWARA".