Hi Scorum, I'm Brittany and my youtube channel is Everlush Fitness!

My youtube channel is about health and fitness, that is my passion these days. In todays video I will be enduring a pretty brutal leg workout, one of my favorites. Working on my legs has become my favorite thing to do in the gym. Some people hate leg days, I love my leg days! 😊

  • Dumbell squat pulses 4 x 10
  • Bulgarian split squats 4 x 12 per leg
  • Wide stance smith machine squats 3 x 15 (notice how I pause at the bottom)
  • Narrow stance elevated squats 3 x 15
  • Finished off with a burnout on the leg press 2 x 25

From my channel you can expect to see workouts, supplement reviews, try-on hauls, new diets and more! I want to inspire people to live a healthy life style as I have chosen to do in my own life.

It's not always easy to get up and go to the gym, sometimes we need a little motivation. Maybe I can be that motivation for you!

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"We can accomplish anything we set our mind to"