Today I'm going to show you how to make a stop hand, surely your mind say this I can not do is not for or maybe your mind say I'm too old to do this, but I tell you to do the stop is a matter of practice and is Healthy for your body, so let's move on.

The standing hand standing mentality if we observe when we stand what we are poised to balance is ours and heels if you want to go forward your toes will push to go back and prevent you from falling forward, now you take that mindset and change it s to your hands your fingers are your fingers and the heels do not have it, however the secret to handstand is to be a little more dominant leaning a little more towards the fingers because you do not have heels in your arms that makes any sense. You soaked it for the first time.

Let's do some previous exercises so you have idea of the hand stop.

First.-You're going to try to stand up and at the start you choose a foot to take impulse and the other foot keeps pointing downward pushing your fingers.

Second.-you're going to try the front wheel so you can roll in front is to say if you lose balance you can fall well if damage.

Third.-Let's try to make wheelbarrows in your hands and moving your balance is to say you walk with your hands.

Here a little video that performs:

I encourage you to practice it continuously until you master the balance with your hands

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