Hello today taking advantage of the month of mothers, today I want to share with you a day of yoga with my mother which allows me to enjoy nature and spend happy time with her. And always remember every day will be a day to pamper mothers.

Well what I teach you is to do basic yoga positions:

Warrior Position:

Strengthens the legs and joints of the ankles and knees

Helps develop breast

Useful against sciatica (back pain, pelvis and legs)

Stimulates the inner strength

Triangle position

Tone your leg muscles and buttocks

Favors the flexibility of the hips

Open your Chest

Help against Digistivos problems

Tree position

Gives a good posture

Favors concentration

Improves balance and coordination

Strengthens the muscles of the legs

Head Stop position

This position is advanced where I like to practice it because my blood irrigates from top to bottom allowing me to relax and achieve balance.

It is so that ends my gift that day to my mother of a day of yoga, a way to train with her, now I would like to ask you that you will do for Mother's Day share in the comments that I read.

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