Hello fighters today I come to bring a routine that allows you to develop strength in your arms, this is suitable for both women and men.

Let me tell you that the muscle groups we will work with this routine is the major perctorales and brachial Tricpes, said this I want to expliarte that we can do on the floor or on a platform and you can also include weight if you feel you can increase Level. He always defies your body.

Below I want to explain the correct way to do this routine, we put a low face with feet together, straight back and stretched arms and our hands forming a diamond, with this what we will do when flexing arms our chest should touch the hands. Now I'll show you a video of Ejmplo of the routine I did to have you know how to train, if you have a friend you can do this way you will have more courage to finish the series.

That you found the video, I would like to ask if you have done this routine ever in your workout if you did not go ahead is time to train.

To finish I encourage you to follow me on my blog and so be one of the first to read my contneido see you in the next video. Happy day fighter.

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