Hello fighters today I want our minds to become aware of being a spartan, that is to say a warrior who is willing to go to battles where they are willing to die for their freedom.

If you've seen the Spartan movie for sure your mind imagines the 300 man to fight for his freedom even though few overcame his fears. Now while it is true that there are currently no physical wars in our lives yet our lives now struggle for different battles.

Whether it's battles in our own life for example wanting to lose weight for health, cultivating healthy habits are battles that cost us a lot to fight every day, this battles are emotional because our decisions we take will lead us to win the war or Lose in it.

Now the important factor before going to battle is to train our body, our mind and our sixth sense in this way we will safely go with 99% of winning. Now I would like to show you a video in the field of preparation before battling this is Street workout Let's start Dale play:

Now I would like you to participate in the comments that lesson learned from the video or message you now begin to apply to win your battles in the professional, family and spiritual life is the context in which you find yourself.

I will be attentive to your participation in the comments and so we can interact more.

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