Hello fighters today I come to attract a very easy routine where you can do alone or among several, the idea is to challenge your strength and endurance.

For them we will use a goal to which you can propose to arrive:

1.-Gold Level: Do it in a time of 20 minutes

2. Silver level: Do it in a time of 30 minutes

3. Bronze level: Do it in a time of 40 minutes.

Dynamics of the challenge:

is to perform in descending form:

15 Dips

15 Push up

14 Dips

14 Push up

13 Dips

13 Push up

12 Dips

12 Push up

11 Dips

11 Push up

10 Dips

10 Push up

09 Dips

09 Push Up

08 Dips

08 Push Up

07 Dips

07 Push Up

06 Dips

06 Push Up

05 Dips

05 Push Up

From there with your friend who accompanies you to measure the time when the routine ends, if you do not arrive resting the necessary time but finish the whole routine, do not give up.

Well now I will leave the video for you to have the idea of how I did the routine with my partner Calistenico:

I get to finish the routine but I did in 50 minute not reach the level mentioned above, that means that I lack segir practicing to improve my resistance but that is the idea to continue training and fun that what the body needs.

Now I would like to encourage you to try this rutinca, we will not only be in visualization, but take it to the practice that is your body that deserves to maintain the perfect health.

We see fighter, happy Day