Everything is learned by training, that is why in boxing is required sparring for proper training and is also used in martial arts training and other contact sports

Sparring is a training partner that helps us at all times before the actual showdown comes

Sparring is usually a boxing professional where real punches are exchanged, it's the most complete way to train. Now you need to have the necessary tools like gloves, protective helmet or punch bags

Sparring is usually recommended once a week

The benefits of training with sparring in boxing is that it allows you to develop self skills, know, improve stamina, activate better reflexes, improve pace, improve on the Ringo, improve times, develop personal skills and Identify and correct errors

Now let's see a video so you can visualize it better than the different sparring and film for Your Eyes Let's start

Boxing in children is great because it cultivates the habit of discipline and keeps them in shape

Now I would like to ask you have made sparring share in the comments your experience

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