Hello Welcome to my blog today first I want to thank the universe and life and have the opportunity to breathe to write my thoughts and fulfill my mission to help inspire you to maintain your strength, flexibility and balance And also thank your friend reader for enjoying reading my content.

Today I want to show you the yoga in children because it allows them to connect with themselves and allows to release the bad energy, a potential of consciousness for children to feel peace, and love in their body and mind and everything around , understanding that nature is the best way to do yoga.

She is my niece which I always try to teach you the basic movements of yoga and can inhale peace and exhale love. Where have of pure air with nature

This where we can take a break to train with children and teach that each movement is a connection with itself.

Children have incredible skills to make the yoga moves easily where sometimes I'm surprised. So today I encourage you that if you have children make these movements of the photo.

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