Woke up to go jogging this morning. Thought I would be jogging for awhile, but after just 2 minutes, I was tired as.... I had planned to jog for 30 minutes. Those who do long distance are really great.

After jogging/running for just a short distance, I had to walk. I couldn’t continue. Baby steps. I’m in no competition with anyone, and I’m now starting. I got home around 5:30, and I had done over 2,000 steps by then.

Didn’t really do anything interesting when I got back home. Came to wash some few things. Took my bath then I went to the barbershop. Later went to buy some foodstuffs and came to cook. A friend called me to meet him around 6 pm and I went out but after waiting for a little over 30 minutes with him not showing, I headed back home. Came to watch a football match between Ghana and Ivory Coast later on. That’s how my day has been.