With the cancer vaccine scheduled to be tested in humans at the end of this year, and new AI-driven advanced detection techniques, we're getting closer than ever to winning the war against cancer. We can now predict this most dreaded disease before it occurs, and treat it with new drugs that can target the unique DNA weaknesses of that specific malignancy.

Fitness tips

Fat to fitness band

Fitness bands are wearable devices that are strapped to the wrists and track your every move. These can act as a substitute for a phone when you’re out for a run and can be an accurate fitness trainer.

Indoor plants

Eucalyptus shower bouquets are trending due to the invigorating essential oils released when activated by heat and steam. Plants can also boost your mood, filter toxins, and produce oxygen.

Matcha made

Not only has matcha green powder (packed with caffeine and antioxidants) popped up in cafes across the country, but bakeries, grocery stores, and even beauty products have gone mad for matcha.