As I've mentioned on here recently I have been trying to stay active and healthy. I've been wanting to go skating both for fun and for exercise for quite some time. When I was eleven I got a pair of inline skates for Christmas. I couldn't skate to save my life but I wanted rollerblades so bad. Feeling bad for me, my uncle helped me learn how to skate on Christmas Eve in the middle of the street in my grandparent's neighborhood. That was probably my favorite Christmas gift I have ever received. With that being said you can now understand why I asked (actually forced) Swolesome to take me skating for my 19th birthday.

Swolesome wasn't as experienced with skating as I was. I mean I rollerbladed almost every single day for 2 years when I was a pre-teen. Swole on the other hand has only been skating once where he didn't completely bust his butt. The poor guy even needed a walker that they give the little kids. (Not really but it made for a funny picture)

I started off trying the roller skates that have two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back but I could barely skate in them without falling. I traded them in for some inline skates and immediately picked it up like I had never stopped skating. It took me back to 2011 skating as fast as I could around my neighborhood. I really enjoy skating and would even seriously consider trying roller derby. I'm not afraid to throw some 'bows. I know I couldn't get Swole to do roller derby with me but I'll bet that he'd be my number one cheerleader!

I made a video compilation of our skating trip. it's funny and cute so please take a minute to watch it. Don't forget to comment!

XOXO @hellsbelle 🖤