I haven't documented the last two weeks of my fitness challenge but I can assure you that I haven't been skipping out on my workouts. I've been extremely busy with my real life job that I haven't had time to do both writing and exercising; so I chose to exercise.

It's really exciting to see how my body has changed and reacted to exercising regularly. I've noticed a visible change in appearance, such as looking slimmer in my legs and building muscle in my butt. My waist is even getting smaller and my stomach is looking a little bit more flat. I'm noticing that a pair of jeans that I bought just 3 months ago are loose on me. On top of all of that, my mom even told me that she can tell that I've been working out. So yeah, I'm seeing results.

I've also noticed changes in the way I feel. I'm becoming more confident in myself and putting myself in situations that I normally wouldn't do because of a lack of confidence. I feel more energetic and am overall happier and able to handle stress in a more healthy way.

It has also been really neat to see how my workouts have changed. I'm not getting winded quite as easily and the workouts that I did in the beginning feel like nothing now. I would have to stop within about 15 or 20 minutes. Now when I do those same exercises I can go on for at least 45 minutes. Instead of doing easy workouts for a long time I've been doing harder workouts to keep challenging myself. Squats used to kill me but now I can do a lot of them without any problem. I've become a big fan of resistance bands as well.

My taste in music has even changed over the last few weeks. In the beginning I liked to listen to motivational songs to get me through my workout. Now I have found that breakup songs help me to dig deep and get a really good workout.


Arms-12.5 inches

Thighs- 24.5 inches

Calves-15 inches

Waist-34 inches

Moving Forward

I haven't really set any goals this week other than doing my four workouts. Today is Christmas Eve so I'm not going to be too strict this week. I'm enjoying the holidays and I don't want to worry about reaching goals. Once the new year starts I'll set new goals.

How are y'all doing? Do you have any special holiday plans? Comment below!