When you look at things we dream of and wants to achieve from a perspective angle we might give up on it. We might see it to be bigger than us while it's not. Any mentor you want to be like started from somewhere and got to that destination. Creating a bold spirit of braveness and courage will allow your soul to consider the possibilities. Possibilities for everything.

Everything you see someone enjoying was once a dream and has been achieved. How was it achieved? They started from somewhere to another higher step. Just consider the possibilities. Why are you scared. Take that step and free yourself from the disgrace of how others want to see you end.

Accept the fact that you will have to pass through a lot, a lot to attain your dream. Why do you think its called a dream? Because at the beginning its all not real so you would have to make it real by working more than your body can take. Just start from somewhere and just do it. Consider the possibility of you being able to achieve that dream.