Do you appreciate the lives of your family, friends, teammates etc? Do you have this teammate you like so much and he/she is no more? what was your relationship with her whiles she was alive? This is very critical to my Scorumian family. Don't wait for death before saying good and stories only you know of about that loved one. Always appreciate breath and make them feel wanted and happy while they are alive. Give them flowers, gift, football cleats and whatever you know they love to have and wants but can't afford. Don't wait till the battle is over.

Every day we have to realize that we are dying daily and that casket gets closer every day. Have you achieved anything you can be proud of and say God has taken you through that journey? Are you just wasting each day and hoping someone will come from no way or your parents who don't have what it takes to support you to open an opportunity of greatness to you? WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW, ARE YOU WASTING THAT BREATH?

You need to lift yourself up and know God is able to do whatever you have purposed to achieve. That dream to become like Messi or Ronaldo is possible. Both of them have breath in them to, the difference between you and them is how well they made use of their breath until now. The first time I watched a video of Ronaldinho and Ronaldo told me a lot and how hard they fought to the top. They had to work hard and also come out different from everyone. Today we are here and the next day we are gone... What legacy did you leave behind? What will people say about you when you are gone? Stop complaining and start that hard work... If you are not broken down you can never build yourself up and learn from mistakes and other things that come your way.

Learn to help others who are close to you. Appreciate them and bless them... Don't wait until they are no more. If you have a life secret about how good you are on the pitch tell them and use them as bait, at the end of the day you are doing yourself a favor cause they will end up being your competitor and motivation since your secret of success is with them now. No matter what you do they will be tribulations and struggles and we must be ready and strong on how we will deal with them and as we help others overcome their tribulations so shall God help others to do the same for us. Always remember your Joy comes in the morning. Admit who you are, admit who your friend is and help them out of their troubles while they are alive.

Every day is a gift of new opportunities. Tomorrow will never come so what you do today matters. You being alive means you still have a mission to complete. Whatever struggle you go through just trust that God is able. Let's not waste our breathing on complaints and fights cause it's not worth it. When we breathe we must make it count and purposeful.