Have you ever been in a soccer team or a particular sports club where there is a particular guy who always peaks on you, not in a progressive way but in an irritating way? Those little and criticism complains about the big or little mistakes you make is very dangerous for your growth especially if you listen to that particular teammate. He will destroy your career, you may go home and never return back to that training grounds ever.

One thing you should know is everyone was born with a special gift and each player's gift combines a team and makes it whole with the various talents distributed by each player that day. You making mistakes always does not label you as a bad player, it's rather the start of your journey. Mistakes build us and encouragement keeps you alive and strong. There is always this one player that encourages us to success each time we make mistakes and know that with such players your success on that team will flourish. If you don't find the guy to do that then it all comes down to hard work and personal training... It's so strange how hard work changes everything around you. Work three times the hours you train with and you will see the daily success you will witness when you are on the pitch.

If no one encourages you, do it yourself by watching a motivational video to boost your moral and also lift your spirit up. Motivational videos are the best encouragement videos anyone can come by no matter your field. If that teammate tells you, you are filthy, know that he is scared of your success or jealous of you. All these amounts to how great you will be when you work a little extra harder. Take a look at all those who are on top now. What was their story and how did it end? You are greater and mightier than you think... Don't let no one tell you anything less than your expectation but rather get the encouragement of things that are beyond your goals and mind.