A lot of us have this assumption that there is only one thing out there that can be our passion which is predetermined by birth and all we have to do is find it, but that's not true at all. We all have thousands of great things we can turn into our passion, so this should tell you it's very possible to have more than one passion. Most successful people are good examples you could look at and learn from their progress.

There are only two things you can do in order to be able to become successful and this will help straighten your path in finding your passion. Changing your dopamine outcome. Now, what is dopamine... It's a chemical that is realized by our brains that motivates us to do things and without it, you will literally starve to death. The realize of dopamine is also accompanied by pleasure.

The problem nowadays is that dopamine is very easy to get, it's cheap and abundant everywhere. Back in the days, you would have to do staffs in other to get that dopamine and most of the time it means you have to create something like a house, growing crops, making arts and while you work on this task you were flooded with dopamine and you felt good. and if you follow this process you will realize you will become passionate about whatever you did. But nowadays things are different because you could just access everything from the net without working at all. Ordering amazing food, and other things from the net and methods like this have become the main source of dopamine for the majority of people which are all forms of consumption compared to the ones we use to use in the past known as creation and this is a very important distinction because in order for something to be part and parcel of you it must be from creation. So in all getting your source of dopamine from consumption is a form of addiction(watching TV, smoking, addicted to eating junk food.) So getting your form of dopamine from creation is known as passion(Eg. soccer, workout, drawing, dancing, and painting)

So the best way to turn your addiction to passion is by reducing the amount of dopamine you get from consumption which will later force you to start creating things on your own.

Expose yourself to different forms of creation by approaching it in the old fashion way. Search a list of hobbies and write down all the hobbies that interest you and after start with one at a time and make sure you master it enough to be able to move to the next hobby. If the first one does not work out try the next hobby on the list and repeat if you that does not work too.

The conclusion of this all is to turn down the amount of dopamine you get from consumption and turn it into creation by exploring different types of creation. Be strong and explore more greatness hidden in you.

Thanks For Passing By