Hello guys,

In the previous post, we talked about how best we can deal with our habits towards our daily routines and we settled on some points that will help make anything we take upon us to do come to reality. We discussed how most of us belittle themselves because they feel it's hard to accomplish that goal they have set to do which results in them thinking and feeling they are not perfect and we discussed how we mostly compare ourself to others and their achievements. Today we will be taking a look at other ways we can motivate ourself to be great.

The 3rd habits most people are found doing is waiting to work which is one of the most perfect forms of procrastination because of how easy it is to justify. We most at times think we have the whole day to ourself until we realize there is no time anymore left to work on the plans we have planned for that particular project because definitely, things will come our way. This will repeat itself each and every day till you make amends on how to retrieve from them. Over time your body and mind will get so used to working on a schedule you won't feel the need to procrastinate.

Another habit you find most people doing is Multi-tasking, which is one of the things I will recommend if you want to learn or become great because aside from saving time it doubles your productivity, but at the end of the day, you become overcrowded with too much work. Lot's of people make this same mistakes every day because truly efficient multitasking is almost impossible. You will end up doing sloppy work so the best solution is to stop multitasking and let your brain focus on similar tasks all together so when you jump to something new your brain would not have to be found wanting.

Be Motivated And Always Think Of Greatness