Kofpato's Motivation

Learning should be a bigger instrument in our lives because everything we learn today becomes an addition onto our personal being and we will need it one way or the other. Each time I learn something new my whole body feels great and blessed, why... because on that very day I can perform something I never thought of initiating ever in my life.

If it has to do with a difficult workout at the gym make sure you repeat it immediately when you get home to enable you to transform that failure into perfection. The more you train at it the more you realize your past mistakes and the more you become perfect. Always repeat and repeat your failure until they become success and magic in the eyes of others.

Whatever you learn will make you do new and creative things, ideas you never thought of... It shifts your attention to a different idea altogether. When you become creative you will end up thinking about amazing and magical things to innovate.

Just don't be afraid to fail because through failure you will realize how great you are and how strong you could be. Failure leads to success after hours and hours of learning on a particular training or program.

It's not always about making it guys, it's always about maintaining it. That's the toughest part. So meaning when you learn something new you would have to make sure it's not just a one-night thing and that you will maintain it and keep polishing it by learning and practicing more and more on it till it becomes part of your soul. Another opportunity is by you learning the mistakes of others who have made it great and are on top.

The more you keep learning, the more you will become great. THANKS