People mostly think you have to do things perfectly in order for you to be productive. But we mostly mislead our own growth with the perception of perfectionism in everything we tend to engage ourself in which ends in the fear of failure. We tend to work overtime to make sure every little detail is absolutely perfect because you are scared your work is not going to be good enough if you leave it as it is but all the time you wasted reviewing the same details could have been used to finish the entire project and move on to the next one. Perfectionism can also affect the quality of your work because of the unrealistic standard you are holding yourself to. If you are expecting to do something perfectly and it does not work out that way you might mentally give up on that project. From then you might put in the minimum effort because was the point of going in all 100% when you know it won't result in any good.

To solve this we must focus on doing enough to help complete the project even if it's not the quality you want. Because if you keep going back to correct one mistake on the same grounds over and over again you might lose focus. So focus on completing instead of perfection then you will later get back and edit it step by step which will make you get the hard work out of the way.

Another habit we mostly find ourself doing is comparing. It's very unhealthy in all sort of ways from lowering your self-esteem to ruin your relationship. It reduces our motivation by stopping us from taking important steps towards our goal, leaving you feeling insecure and lowered down to nothing. We must always feel like a king/queen by not belittling our own aspiration just because you don't have enough money, confidence or authority. If you want to be like others who are where you want to be, try and find out how they got there and use that trend to grow your skills and be greater than them.

Be Motivated And Always Think Of Greatness