Kicked off my November new month resolution late last October and the fourth on the list was exercising. The first day was the hardest as I felt pain all over my body during the night and I woke up the next day feeling those same pains but i kept going and pushing

The second day was much more easier, third day I felt lesser pain and I kept on going to this day. Today being Saturday, I work up early as 5am and went further during my jogging exercise. I pushed my self to the limits as I couldn't even jog back home, I had to improvise and walk faster home.

Did my normal seat-ups, Plank and push up. And engage in my normal daily activities. Should have gone and play football but I decided to help out with shop activities.

Am loving the new lifestyle lately. It's never too late to start exercising. Loose some body fats and keep fit.. Thank you.