Have you already seen those hanging challenge videos on Youtube? It's not as easy as it sounds!


Hanging is probably the healthiest thing we can do to keep our shoulders healthy. They are made for it. Shoulder is one hell of a tool. It allows the widest range of movements of all our joints. It's a joint king of our body. Therefore we should take care of it! Hanging is more and more implemented as a tool to heal shoulder injuries. In the past, it helped me with my rotator cuff as well.

Challenge rules

Hmmm, I've just realized I don't have any liquid tokens :/ From some reason I thought rewards are split 50/50. Well, this means I'm looking for a sponsor to give rewards for my participants :D....

Omg haha this is embarrassing :D But anyway, keep in mind poeple, that you do it for your health and not money, so please, upload a video or just try it and lemme know, how many seconds did you hold :)

My first  time was 82seconds on the first try several months ago (in the video). Yesterday, I've managed to get 90 :) Still far away from 100 tho...