Cardio exercise is important because exercise helps to improve the blood flow system in the body.

Doing cardio activities can burn up to over 800 calories in 1 hour.This burning helps to lose weight healthily and well.

Riding bike statically at a speed of 24 kilometers an hour and a half, every day and eating a balanced diet can reduce over 400 calories in the body.

This activity also helps you get the respiratory system perfectly.

Continuous training gives you the opportunity to lose weight quickly and simplify the process of maintaining existing weight.

Make sure you continue the activity to see the expected results.

As a preliminary preparation you need to pay attention to the guidelines provided :

• Set aside at least 1 hour a day to do cardio workouts. This cardio exercise has a more positive effect if done continuously.

• At the beginning of the table you will definitely feel tired, however the fatigue will gradually decrease if you do it every day.

• This exercise gives you lasting freshness activities per week activities can show an amazing results.You can feel your body become more lighter than before. Continue for a few more weeks.

• Do not give up easily, keep up the good work and that determination can increase your metabolic rate. during exercise sessions increase your energy consumption and as soon as you get enough rest.

• Choose the best cardio workout

1. Running

2. Fast Walking

3. Riding

4. Swimming