Fitness is the part of a life its a need for a healthy living. And, there are many ways to be fit as some find fitness in sports while some in the gym. But in a daily life, there are many people who go to their jobs and had no time for fitness they even did not have their meal properly which results in loss of muscles and even a way for illness.  But, my friends I'll tell you many ways in order to get fit and also you can focus on your daily work as I have dealt with the same problem and also found a solution but also the truth is you have to work hard but it will be fun.

So for beginners, I am going to tell you the steps:

STEP 1: First you must focus on your diets as a good diet is a way to happiness.

Breakfast:  An oatmeal and four boiled eggs which really takes less time to cook as well as fast to eat so don't worry you will be on time for your work. (In this post only breakfast meal would be posted check out my further posts).

STEP 2:  In the morning or in the evening do a plenty of exercises like pushups a little bit running.

So guys, starting doing it will catch you on my next post telling you the routine diet and exercises.