Positivity is the ultimate weapon to break through any level of difficulty in life. I know it is not easy to be positive when everything seems to be falling apart.

Be positive [image source]

You want to do something. You are inspired and positive about it. That's fine. When you don't see the result after a certain period of time, being positive really matters that time. When everything is cool, everyone can be positive.

Be positive that time when you do not get what you expected before. It needs firm determination, courage, and positive mindset to keep going when you go through a tough time.

Suppose you are working on a project. It takes time to make it successful. And that time people make different comments about it. Well, when people who are close to you make negative comment, that's hard. If unknown people say something like that, that does not matter. But when someone close to you does that, you will never know how it feels unless you go through it.

When you are having a hard time, you see your close friends (you think they are) act in a different way. If your friends and you decide to meet somewhere, they will make an excuse not to meet you. They send the message to call you later, but they will never call you, even when you call them, they do not pick up the phone. They do not have any time now because you are having a bad time.

When you have a good time and everything is amazing, your friends will know who you are. When you have a bad time, you know who your friends are. It teaches you a lot of things that you would never learn unless you go through these things.

Are you judging yourself based on others opinion?

Stop doing that. The fact is, they have their limitation like everyone else. They say that you failed. As a matter of fact, you haven’t started yet. You are just early in the process.

Thank you for reading this post. Have a great day!