Challenge in life [image source]

When you have problems and that puts you in a vulnerable position, that's the time you will realize a lot of things. When you rise in life, your friends will know who you are and you have a hard time, you will know who your friends are. You might be shocked to know that. But that's the reality. You can figure out who really love you. They will always be with you, no matter how severe the situation is.

If there is nothing not to believe someone, it is easy to believe. When there are uncertainty and risk, if you believe someone at that time, you really believe him/her.

Sometimes life is not so fancy as you see on Instagram, Facebook or any other social media. You have to face challenges in life. You may face such things that you might never imagine before.

When you do something better and support others, they will treat you like a hero. They will highly appreciate you. Unfortunately, people who are close to you start doubting your skills and ability when you go through tough time.

You might not have a good financial position, people who are close to you might leave you and you are all by yourself. You are surrounded by a lot of problems. But that does not change you who you are as a person. No matter how bad the situation is, you are who you are. You still have those skills and qualifications that you had before.

Make your move [image source]

You can turn back and get back to where you were before. You don't have to prove it to others. All you have to do is to focus and do your thing. There is always hope as long as you are alive. You can breathe, can't you? Get up and work. Don't pay attention what other people say about it. It is important what you say to yourself. That's the fuel of your energy.

Every failure in life is your teacher. You can learn from it and get better. Failure cannot stop you unless you stop yourself. If you stop trying, that may become your vulnerability. Otherwise, no one can stand on your way. No matter how hard it is, you can find a way to move forward. Make your move and never give up.