If you do any kind of sports, you have to be healthy and fit both physically and mentally. Otherwise, you cannot do well what you do. We focus on getting six packs, losing weight, and building muscle. That is great. But sometimes we forget the most important part of health. That is mental health.

Depression is a serious health condition. When people feel depressed, everything seems meaningless to them. To stay alive a day becomes very difficult for them. From the outside, you might not recognize that they are suffering from depression. They talk and behave like others, but when they are alone, they feel how helpless they are. And they are feeling a severe pain.


Depression is killing people inside when they are alive. Sometimes people commit suicide with a view to getting rid of the pain. You might judge them easily when they commit suicide, but you will never know what they were going through.

Life has a purpose. You never should commit suicide and end your life. Suicide is not a solution to any problem. To solve the problem, you have to stay alive.

Depression is the silent killer in our society. Many people are suffering from depression. Depressed people become hopeless and they do not find any hope to live any more. They do not see any light in the darkness of depression. They lose their confidence. And they find no way to bring a positive change in their life.

To make our society better, we have to do something to help depressed people. Talk to the people who are going through tremendous pain because of depression. Show them the bright side of life. Love them and try to solve their problem. They are not alone. Stand beside them. Always be there for them.

The bright side of life

Life is beautiful! Make them feel the beauty of life and show them what they can do to change their lives. We all should come forward to help and support depressed people. Make sure that they can get professional help and support from their friends and family. If we all work together, we can save thousands of lives and make this world a better place for everyone.

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