This is probably the most difficult question for which millions of people are looking for answers. It is not easy, everyone will answer like that. In many articles, on the profiles of many well-known personal trainers we can found the same answer. But really, how to start workout?

1. Mark the goal

If you want to practice for your husband / wife, maybe you can finish now. Your enthusiasm for exercise will pass quickly, and the yo-yo effect and depression of failure will return. Ready motivation it’s in yourself. Doing something for yourself, better health, higher level of positive energy. Or maybe you'll start practicing to build a character or rebuild your self-esteem? It is important that the goal is clearly defined, it is the first step to make success.

2. Water

Yes, very simply. Our’s body consists over 50% from water. If you do not supply enough water to your body, your brain can not function properly. Your muscles do not have the strength to work if your head is drowsy and your thinking also is slowed down then. 2 liters it’s a minimum. To make this task easier, add fresh fruit to the water and change the taste.

3. Get some sleep

Will the concentration on the sentence be better after the party night or after the weekend of rest? To such simple, so difficult to make. We will not cheat on nature, but it is time for continuous activities. Planning days or all of the week are the key to sllep longer. The planned day does not allow you to lose a minute, you want to try?

For today I leave for you the first three rules that helped me got up my ass off the couch. Are your experience are the same? Or maybe you have your own ways for start training?

See you soon.