It is not a big surprise that you can start your adventure with pole dance in kindergarten. What more parents decide to save their children not only for singing, guitar or ballet. We're starting the pole dance time.

In the studio where I started my adventure, six-year-olds were often better on the pole than me. Why? It's easy. Children learn faster, have more energy to spend, and above all do not know the general opinion about this type of sport - they are open to new experiences.

The pole strengthens the deep muscles, stretching exercises - are an indispensable element of the activity. Pole dance is a combination of fitness, acrobatics, dance and even acting. Does the versatility of this sport decide that it is suitable for children? Yes, children. Not only girls are a beginner pole dancer, children's groups are often both sex.

Dads still dream of their sons running around the pitch after the ball. And what is more, we have a dream that their daughters would be strong, independent and liberated, and the sons would not be labeled in typically male professions. Are these the main reasons for this to sign up your child to pole dance lessons?

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Many schools in larger cities conduct such classes, and there are plenty of willing. Is the pole dance group for children a sure decision? Should you give your child a choice and show as much activity as possible? Pole dance is theoretically dedicated to everyone, the only exception is pregnant women, but maybe about this I'll write another time. Recently I met a 50 year old man in my group. He was not very advanced, but he tried and was enthusiastically accepted into our women's community. As you can see the divisions are only in our imaginations. However, can this excessive openness to this unique discipline disturb the development of our children?? Is sexiness that is an element of even a sporty dress in pole dance is not that much for our children? These questions are bothering you ... However, the market itself will show in which direction it will go...