Whenever someone joins Scorum and claims to be someone famous we are excited! But after a few minutes, you can quickly notice the fakes.

But what good is my word?

When I can ask the girl herself?

So if this isn't her. Who could this person be?

Using her ass pics?

And other stolen material?

"I'm not much of a sports fan."

HM. Who is someone that has told me that exact line. Has multiple accounts on here and has been VERY shady in the past. Wants this version of scorum to "die off" because they hate it so they have a moral snobbiness they would not mind scamming us. And would ignore nhl's questions on posts?

And was the FIRST user to vote for that sweet sweet curation.


Funny seeing you right there with a 100% upvote to get that post to the top of its section. Hm.

The prosecution rests.