I want to apologize in advance, my English is not very good, so you can notice spelling errors, but I hope you understand the essence of my post.

What exercises do most people begin their training with? Is there a "gold standard?"

Some begin their workout with lagging muscles, others with heavy basic exercises, and others with pumping the press, so where do you start?

To begin with, we will sort 3 methods which I described above.

Training starts with the lagging muscles - using this method, people want to load the lagging muscle until they are as fresh as possible, because what exercise do we have the most strength? right at first.

Training that begins with hard basic exercises is an opportunity to achieve maximum hormone release (after all, starting with basic exercises, you can shake / pull / sit down with a lot of weight, and the release of hormones will naturally increase, which will positively affect us.

Exercise with the press - I also saw that some people start training with the abdominal muscles (most often watched this for protruding athletes, for example, mensophysicists), saying that in this way the press would be better and exercise (in which kor) - safer.

Of course, there are other methods, but, as for me - this is one of the most popular.

So which one to choose? Which one will work best and the "mass will trample"?

It seems to me that if you are a beginner, then it does not make sense to do a workout with a lagging muscle, because ... you are a NEW! You have all groups lagging behind ...

The most expedient, I consider the 2nd option, to start with basic exercises in which you can take a lot of weight for you and achieve strong stress. (if you are training in the full-field program - I would advise alternating exercises from training with exercises you start with, for example, on Monday you did the first bench, on Wednesday do squats, and on Friday craving)

But, you still need to choose for yourself, if you are already an experienced athlete - you can try to start with a lagging muscle, and perhaps this will affect you. If you are just starting, then most likely the principle of “make the base before refusal” will work well for you (naturally, you need to do everything with the mind and the right technique).

Do not be afraid to experiment, try, analyze, and you will definitely find what you need.