Autumn is the time when the air temperature begins to drop rapidly. People who play sports outdoors should know how to protect their bodies from the negative effects of cold air. If you train without taking care of your own health, then sports will bring not an improvement in your condition, but a disease. Including the coronavirus. How to train without getting sick?

How not to get sick in the fall after training?

The first thing to remember is that sweating increases during exercise. A person warms up, and a sharp change in temperature can lead to ORFI. The virus enters the myocardium, heart muscle and causes the appearance of the disease. Including coronavirus infection. Consider a few important tips from sports doctors. They will help keep you from getting sick after your fall workout.

You need to learn how to finish the workout correctly.

Many people run to the locker room and shower immediately after training. This is mistake. Do not forget that exercise is a source of stress for the entire body. Rapid breathing, palpitations, pulse. Experts recommend doing slow jogging (jogging) at the end of your workout for 5 to 10 minutes. During this exercise, the body gradually cools down, the heartbeat and pulse stabilize. Calm comes. The muscles relax and return to their usual state. Yes, you need a shower. But the water temperature should be between 30 and 35 degrees.

Drinking plenty of fluids

After completing the training process, you need to drink plenty of water. It shouldn't be icy or too hot. But you do not need to immediately pour a liter of water or more into yourself. This will lead to cramping. In turn, the load on the heart and the digestive system will increase. Experts recommend drinking 2 - 5 sips every 5 minutes. This is the only way to bring the body temperature back to normal.

Don't leave the warm locker room right away.

A smooth change in temperature is an integral part of a proper workout. After the hall, you do not need to go out into the cold air as quickly as possible. You need to dress warmly even if you need to get from the changing room to the car. It is recommended that you go straight to either home or work. Important! It is recommended to spend about two hours indoors after training. This will allow the body to recover and bring the body temperature back to normal. In this case, the risk of getting sick will be minimal.

Sports should be systematic

During sports activities, the body receives physical stress. It is an integral part of all sporting achievements. But, here it is important that physical stress does not turn into a nervous breakdown. It is important that the body can tune in to a certain rhythm of life. You need to create a certain routine and daily routine. That is, go to bed on time to rest, eat right and play sports regularly, without disruptions to the regime.


It must be remembered that the body is restored only during sleep. This also applies to muscle activity. During rest, testosterone and growth hormone are produced in the body. Experts believe that if you carry out intense training, while not resting, then there is a danger of catching colds. In particular, the risk of contracting coronavirus increases.

Correct selection of warm clothing

You need to take care of maintaining the thermal regime. Pay attention to the temperature in the gym, outside and in the car. Don't forget to choose the right clothes. In the cold season, it is recommended to give preference to clothes made from natural fabrics. In particular, it must maintain a natural body temperature. In doing so, absorb moisture. In our case, sweat. At the same time, it must remain dry.

For outdoor training, it is recommended that you wear three layers of clothing. In particular, wearable options, such as thermal underwear. For outerwear, give preference to those options that do not allow cold air to pass through.

Do not forget that Chinese lemongrass, ginseng (adaptogens) and foods containing vitamin "C" will strengthen the immune system.


Much has been said about the benefits of hardening. It is important to understand that in this case you should not overdo it. It is necessary to correctly select the temperature of the water. In addition, we pay attention to the timing of such water procedures. Do not overcool. This will bring a lot of muscle problems and increase your chances of getting colds.

Thus, if certain conditions are observed, then training will only benefit. The body will be prepared for any stress. Go in for sports, get tempered, eat healthy food! Only in this case, you will not be afraid of the same coronavirus!