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Who´s the Fittest person in the World?
For a start we should define what´s Fitness? Occidental culture believed that the fittest person alive would be the one who could run for longer distance as fast as possible (like a marathon or so). But Greg Glassman, (Crossfit founder) ex Olympic Medalist, asked the world a question: Shouldn’t the Fittest person in the World be the most complete athlete? Yes for sure a marathonist has cardio resistance better than any one else, what about strength, agility, mobility, precision, stamina, among others. There for Crossfit is not just a sport, is a rebellion that impacted the culture of exercise, Crossfit redefined the word Fitness as "constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains" , and with this Greg want us to think of exercise in a different way, making the variations of skills you’re priority in a and have of time and force as a measure (task and time) that can guide you to be better as a whole , you don’t need to be the best at something but you can be good in everything, that makes you fittest in all your fitness capability... That is how Crossfit started. So we needed Crossfit Games to see who’s the fittest in the world, right? Good news are that from 2007 till now we have celebrated the Crossfit Games Tournament, to see who is the Fittest person in the world, the current champions are: Matthew Phraser (Individual Man) Tia-Claire Tooming (Individual Woman) There are high expectative this 2019 year lets see who earns the tittle!

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