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Surviving 3 minutes in -130 DEGREE CELSIUS!! (Benefits of cryochambers)
New phenomenon of CRYOCHAMBERS and benefits connected to them is getting into mainstream last coople of years. I can see it by MMA fighters and especially UFC Embedded videos (pre-fight buildup). It helps with recovery, boosts immune system and is not as difficult to do as ice-bath (altho I think icebath has more benefits). I've visited one several days ago with my mum, so I've decided to take you on tour with me to see what the experience is like :)Cotton socs, mouth cover and wooden shoesYepp, you have to put all of this on you, otherwise they won't allow you in :) Once you put all this on, you're good to go. But not that fast! You can't go straight into the coldest chamber. There are 2. First one was "only" -55 degrees cold and the main one started at -120 and reached -150 later. Sooo, mum let's do it :D 30 seconds in the 1st chamber and then straight into the second one. And then, just walk in the circles and wait for it to end :DThe most annoying thing was...Well, my freaking nose hair have frozen cca 10 seconds in. It was sooo disgusting haha :D I can totally feel them, pushing to my nose skin. Kinda gross experience :D "Don't think about it Martin, just walk walk walk... And then, after long 180 seconds, they left us out :)) Finally. "Before we let you go, you have to warm up"That's what we were said. But as you know me, I kinda embraced it and had nice cardio session on airbike and the rowing machine :) Oh and of course, pullups! Those are not negotiable and part of my daily life :) Strong upper body = basic calisthenics exercises:) If you liked this post and want to see more, there's actually whole vlog from this and you can watch it HERE!. Sooo just click and enjoy :) Have you guys ever been in the cryochamber? Was your experience similar to mine? With the nose hair :DD?Thanks for reading!!