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How to achieve fully comply with a routine exercise plan that benefits our health and our aesthetics?
SOURCE Actually, it is much easier to talk about the importance of daily exercise than to do it, even though most people want to be healthy and have a very beautiful athletic body. Most people know what they must do to be healthy and even many people are motivated to perform a certain exercise plan. Because the problem lies in the creation and durability of habits in performing exercise routines, specialists have many methods adapted to each type of person for the creation of such habits and many believe that performing a certain activity for 21 days in a row It becomes a habit. Each one of us has different personalities, which means that what works for some will not necessarily work for others. The most important thing is to commit yourself to perform certain exercises and to program them as part of a daily routine, trying to do it at the same time every day. As long as our routine is fulfilled, it will become a habit. Before starting a certain exercise routine, you should talk to the doctor; Since if you have not been active for a certain time, have a cardiovascular problem or are an older adult, it is advisable to take advice first to avoid negative consequences. SOURCE How can I comply with an exercise program? We must choose an activity that we like to do, and make sure it suits us physically, because for example if you have arthritis in the joints, swimming could be an excellent option. It is preferable to do accompanied exercises that alone, so we must get a partner or companion; since exercising with a friend is more fun and can offer support and encouragement. We must walk, since it is very healthy, also to ride a bicycle or do activities such as dancing (dancing) and soft sports. We must choose a time of the day that is most comfortable for us. We should not exercise as soon as we have finished eating or when it is very hot due to the hot sun. In case of being too painful to exercise in the morning, it is preferable to wait and exercise in the afternoon. We should not be discouraged by not seeing the results immediately; since it may take weeks or months before some of the benefits or results of the exercises are noticed, such as weight loss. If we let a couple of days pass, do not leave and plan again to start again next week. We must exercise in a fun way; since we could read, listen to music or watch television while pedaling on a fixed bicycle. There are also fun activities, like taking a walk in the zoo or in a square. We must follow up on our exercise to maintain motivation and can be through an application on the phone or simply make a mark on a calendar every day that is exercised, keeping a daily record of our exercises. SOURCE What are the benefits of exercising regularly? Reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus type II and reduces obesity. Maintains flexibility in joints, tendons and ligaments Contributes to mental balance; since when we exercise we de-stress; relieving depression and anxiety. What should I do before and after the exercise? SOURCE Warm up first, to achieve flexibility of the muscles and joints. We should do gentle stretching exercises for 5 or 10 minutes and walk slowly. At the end of the exercise we must do it again so that the heart rate returns to normal. It is advisable to vary the type of exercise we perform daily, so that they do not directly influence the same muscle repeatedly; since the muscles should also be given a break so that they do not atrophy or worsen in their growth. And what do you think about it? Have you made your routine plan and have not been able to fulfill it? Based on your experience, what recommendation can you give us about how to achieve a routine exercise plan?