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Hard Work Vs Talent | Anyone Can Win! | Motivation With @Kofpato
First things first and this is something you must always keep in mind... Never underestimate yourself just because you feel you don't have the means to be great. Greatness was not created for anyone or no one was born and was just painted great. Well, you will say if you are born in a rich family the possibility of you being great is high or guaranteed. But my question is have you ever seen everyone poor who has never made it to the top ever. Look at all those big stars you see on TV... Tell me any of them that had that luxurious life whiles growing up? They all had a gift and they worked hard at it... I mean they never gave up on it till they found good people who were designed to be there to help them with their next step. Who told you we don't have millions of talented people all over the world... And how far have they got with their talents? Talent is simply nothing if hard work is not added to it. So with a great talent, you should know it will require a great work to polish and turn it into your own advantage. Anyone without talent who has to work 24/7 for every opportunity that comes his/her way will always beat someone who is talented and does not work hard. Hard work always wins over talents when talents feel comfortable in their zone or area. Having talent is a blessing which can lure your brains in thinking you are forever going to succeed at everything and that will stop you from learning and working extra hard for the things you might be missing. anytime and every hour the guy without talent works harder always remember he or she will be one step ahead of you because of the courage and dedication are there... He is hungry for success. So all I am saying is, whether you are from a rich family or poor family, or you are not talented like a friend is... that should never be an excuse to pull you down or turn you into a nobody because no matter were you from or who you are. HARD WORK PAYS. THANKS FOR WATCHING